The Office of the Public Defender’s Office for Montgomery County will provide zealous representation to indigent defendants in the District and Circuit Courts of the State’s 15th Judicial Circuit (Montgomery County). The Office employs a team approach to litigation in which Deputy Public Defenders head teams of Lead Trial Attorneys and Trial Attorneys in strategizing, problem-solving, and client consultation as a case proceeds from indictment to termination. This system permits senior staff to target and monitor potentially complex issues, yet allows trial attorneys to independently manage cases where appropriate. Other features of the comprehensive approach at the MCPDO include staff to serve as litigative/investigative support to complement attorneys’ efforts to provide professional representation throughout the criminal process.


• Provide zealous, professional legal representation to his/her clients in all court proceedings related to the charged offense(s);
• Communicates with the court, opposing counsel, probation officers, witnesses, clients and the families of clients concerning case-related issues;
• Maintains in-depth and updated knowledge of criminal defense trial and appellate practices and case law. Develops expertise with state sentencing guidelines, understands the ethical obligations and restrictions, and practices courtroom advocacy. Pursues all appropriate available training opportunities including local or nationally sponsored core training within the limits of funding, workload and Defender approval;
• Constant development of knowledge of criminal defense practices in the State of Alabama, including Circuit procedures, controlling state and federal precedent, and client protection strategies;
• Research and preparation of all appropriate motions and supporting documents for submission to District and Circuit courts;
• Prepares legal memoranda, reviews of issues, comprehensive statements of relevant facts, standards of review, and briefs complex legal and factual arguments. Consults with investigative and legal staff regarding issues relevant to the case;
• Analyzes reports and statements and determines relevant legal issues. Determines the need for an evidentiary hearing and prepares evidence for presentation;
• Performs legal research utilizing all available resources including computer-assisted legal research tools. Research includes state and federal statutes, case law, regulations, precedents, treaties, sentencing guidelines, and related subject matter. Analyzes legal decisions, opinions, rulings, memoranda and related legal materials. Compiles and summarizes substantive information on statutes, treaties and specific legal subjects;
• Updates research and prepares for oral presentation of evidence. Prioritizes issues, analyzes difficulties of the case and prepares responses to possible adverse arguments; and
• Performs all other duties as assigned.


• 1-4 years of trial experience, preferably criminal;
• A comprehensive knowledge of legal principles, practices, methods and techniques;
• The ability to identify and evaluate pertinent facts and regulations, policies and precedents;
• Skill and judgment in the analysis of cases and legal opinions;
• An understanding of criminal law, criminal procedure, and evidence;
• Strong written and verbal communication skills;
• The ability to work with a diverse population and be attentive to the needs of the clientele;
• The ability to maintain a professional appearance and demeanor;
• A proactive approach to identifying/solving problems;
• The ability to coordinate the work of others (support staff) when necessary; and
• Progressively responsible experience as a lawyer in the functional areas described above is desired, but not required.


• A certificate of admission to, and good standing before, the Bar of the Supreme Court of the State of Alabama. Applicants from other jurisdictions and local law school graduates must gain admission prior to beginning work.
• Proficiency in Spanish is highly desired, but not required.


Salary Range: $ 45,501.60 - $80,287.20

Employees of the Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office receive State of Alabama employee benefits including:

• Low-Cost Health/Dental Insurance (Single Coverage);
• Optional Family Coverage (Health/Dental);
• Accrue both Thirteen Annual Leave Days and Sick Days per Year;
• Thirteen Paid Holidays per Year;
• Retirement Plan; and
• Flexible Employee Benefit Plans.

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to Please indicate the position(s) you are applying for in the subject line.

Positions within the Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office are at-will and not subject to the State of Alabama’s Merit System.